Constant Voltage (CV) LED Drivers

PowerSelect constant voltage LED drivers operate at line voltages of 105-305VAC.  All of our LED drivers feature output short-circuit protection, overload protection, and soft-start technology to limit inrush current.  Our constant voltage LED drivers are highly efficient and come standard in small form factor enclosures.

Model Input Voltage50/60Hz. Output Voltage Output Current Max. Wattage Max. Mount Type Downloads
PS20U12KPS20U12K - 12Vdc 20-Watt Electronic Transformer 105-305Vac 12VDC 1666mA 20 Surface/Tube PDF IGS
PS20U15KPS20U15K - 15Vdc 20-Watt Electronic Transformer 105-305Vac 15VDC 1300mA 20 Surface/Tube PDF IGS
PS20U24KPS20U24K - 24Vdc 18-Watt Electronic Transformer 105-305Vac 24VDC 850mA 20 Surface/Tube PDF IGS